Pearson English Interactive 2.0 is a four-level fully online course for adults and young adults learning English in both ESL and EFL contexts.
Now in an all-new version, Pearson English Interactive 2.0 incorporates technology with the latest teaching methodology to deliver an engaging communication-based course for language learners. It provides careful grading and guidance to learners to improve their speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills, and to become independent language learners.

As an integrated skills course, Pearson English Interactive 2.0 can be used to supplement a core course, or as an independent self-study program. Learners can log in anytime, anywhere. Teachers can manage their class, set assignments and monitor learners’ progress with the program’s easy-to-use management tools.

Pearson English Interactive


Pearson English Interactive 2.0 is a video-based story-driven course that allows students to learn anytime, anywhere.

Learn English for all Occasions

It helps adult learners gain confidence in English for business, work, teaching and travel.

TOEFL listening


It includes automatic grading that gives students their results immediately.