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CONCEPT 0.  The C-C  note-taking technique

, The Capture-Create Note-taking Technique, Lateral Communications

Note-taking can be a useful comprehension-building and memory-building technique, if it’s done “consciously”, or it can be a distraction if it’s done randomly. 

By consciously, I mean used as an intentional process of “capturing” cues from what you’re listening to and then – immediately or shortly after listening – “creating” the personal meaning you want to take away from what you have captured.  You may well be able to capture-and-create without note-taking (most of us do this all day long), but note-taking can make the process more reliable and more permanent. 

Here’s the technique: 

, The Capture-Create Note-taking Technique, Lateral Communications

On a sheet of paper – or in a computer file — draw a single vertical line to make two columns. Left = Capture, Right = Create.

While you are listening, take notes – key words, phrases, or ideas – ONLY on the left side.

Capture (now)Create (later)
Topic: purpose of note-taking Capture what you want to remember    Paraphrase: in your own words  Evaluate: This is interesting because… 
Next topic:   

takeaway concepts:

two phases of note-taking:  capturing and creating 

reviewing and “reworking”  notes is essential for retention