I know Michael as a creative author, innovative thinker, careful editor and outstanding language learning scholar who has always brought a lot of discerning ideas to the language acquisition field. Michael’s textbooks, professional books, presentations, multimedia products have supported the learning and teaching of thousands of students and teachers around the world.

Sherry Preiss

Chief of Teaching and Learning Lab, KIPP Foundation

Collaborating with Mike has been one of the highlights of my professional career. Besides his encyclopedic knowledge of listening in language learning, Mike was superb at facilitating, editing and developing our project. During our collaboration, he became a good friend and a sounding board for other projects. I cannot recommend him highly enough as a project manager and series editor.

JJ Amaworo Wilson

author of Speakout, Active Listening, and the novel Damnificados

One of the things that’s great about Mike is when you start working on a project with him, he asks, “What’s something we can do with this project that’s never been done before?” So the process of working with Mike not only makes the products better, it creates a better language teaching profession.

Marc Helgesen

Author, English Firsthand series

Mike brings out the best in everyone around him. His curiosity and expertise are kept in delicate balance by his openness to others. It’s fitting that Mike is an expert in — among many other things — listening. He taught me that deep understanding comes from the ability to truly listen. More than anyone I know, Mike understands the transformative power of language learning.


Joseph Shaules

Director , Intercultural Institute, Tokyo

Mike has inspired a whole generation of teachers and writers through his research on listening and oral communication.

Charles Browne

Author, Impact Series

Dr. Rost has been a wonderful mentor for me. Throughout the entire process of writing an academic book about listening and shadowing, Dr. Rost has given me professional and articulate advice about ways to attract more potential readers, based on his wide ranging experiences. What I really admire about Dr. Rost is that even though he is super famous, he has always been friendly and quite helpful to someone like me!

Yo Hamada

It’s been great working with Mike over the years. He’s one of the special people in the publishing field. Mike was the first person to introduce top-quality international style textbooks in Asia that were actually culturally appropriate.

Curtis Kelly

Author, Basics in Writing

Mike’s great skill was his ability to give guidance but also a free rein to his writers.  I was especially grateful for the detailed comments he gave on specific activities – not just pointing out problems with them but suggesting how they might be overcome. Michael, of course, was always more than editor.  He was a friend to his writers.

Rod Ellis

Author, The Study of Second Language Acquisition

Working with Mike has been a major highlight of my career. Mike gave great advice to me as an author and introduced me to a bunch of talented people to build wonderful collaborations.

Kevin McClure

Content Director, EF International