Teaching and Researching Listening is designed to be a definitive reference source and guide for teachers and researchers who have an interest in the role of listening in language education and other areas of applied linguistics. In keeping with the intentions of the Applied Linguistics in Action series, Teaching and Researching Listening explores issues of ongoing relevance to teachers and researchers of both first and secondlanguages and suggests concepts, principles, approaches, and resources for exploring these issues.

Each of the twelve chapters is designed to stand alone, offering a unique perspective on listening that can be added to the reader’s current knowledge. Alternatively, the chapters can be explored sequentially to form a comprehen- sive course on the topic.

Readers may use the book as a selective reference, focusing on those chapters and sections that may help clarify their current teaching or research goals. Alternatively, because of the wide range of issues introduced, the book may be used as an exploratory text that may impact the teacher’s or researcher’s work and interests in a broader sense and provide useful points of departure for further professional exploration.


This preface may sound boastful, as in, “I know everything about listening”, but it’s really an invitation to explore the book with me as a guide through the terrain, as I understand it now…

Each chapter really does stand alone, providing a particular perspective about listening, for example, as linguistic processing, or as pragmatic processing, or as a domain of instructional activity, or research activity.  I know that most readers will come to the book as a sequence, that is, requiring you to start at the beginning and then laboriously working your way through the book.  I actually think you could try the opposite, start at the end.  Or skip around.  My only recommendation is that you work through one chapter at a time because there really is a narrative, a story line in each chapter. 

About The Author

, Teaching and Researching Listening 4e – Author’s Preface, Lateral Communications
Michael Rost, principal author of Pearson English Interactive, has been active in the areas of language teaching, learning technology and language acquisition research for over 25 years. His interest in bilingualism and language education began in the Peace Corps in West Africa and was fuelled during his 10 years as an educator in Japan and extensive touring as a lecturer in East Asia and Latin America. Formerly on the faculty of the TESOL programs at Temple University and the University of California, Berkeley, Michael now works as an independent researcher, author, and speaker based in San Francisco.

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