We plan and carry out detailed research to answer key questions about learning design.

  • Specific goals of the learners
  • "Pain points" of teachers
  • Successful path/obstacle analysis
  • Assessment validity
  • Task efficacy

We consider all combinations of interaction, media, games, text, online resources, testing.

  • Identify richest sources of content
  • Develop tasks and task sequences
  • Work with top-level authors to innovate learning activities
  • Beta test activities to do fine-tuning for maximal effect

All learning now involves some online aspect. We help identify the right blend of online and personal contact learning.

  • Develop video lessons to allow for "flipped" classrooms
  • Create engaging content "capsules" to ensure short bursts of learning
  • Mix and match activity types to fit students' learning strengths
  • Ensure a thorough and valid testing program to guide success

A language curriculum is only as strong as its weakest link! And often the weakest link is teacher training. We help teachers develop new insights and frameworks for a collaborative and enjoyable teaching

  • Conduct workshops on hybrid learning
  • Develop frameworks to understand and enhance "user experience"
  • Involve teachers in classroom observation with clear tools for evaluating effective teaching
  • Lead workshops on developing valid and useful assessment tools

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