Teacher Training is the process of listening to teachers' needs and concerns and then responding with appropriate support and supplementation to help them understand, reframe,  and address these concerns in fulfilling ways.


The Problem

Teacher training is often the "weakest link" in implementation of education.  This is not to say that most teachers are unqualified or unmotivated, but rather that teachers are often given too many tasks and distractions to stay aware of the options they have in planning and carrying out their teaching duties.

The Solution

The Challenge

It's a paradox that because teachers are often so overextended and stressed that they can't attend to new developments or new perspectives in their field.  The irony of course is that using new methodologies or adopting new perspectives would likely reduce their stress and allow them more time and energy for their teaching.

What We Did 

The ideal form of teacher training is a collaborative relationship with a mentor you trust. We have tried to create short training videos that establish trust – and empathy with the challenges of teaching – and provides the opportunity for small but clear shifts in teaching attitudes or teaching behavior. These shifts are encouraged by presenting actual awareness tasks that the teacher can do, reflect on, and put into practice.