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, Defining the three domains of listening, Lateral Communications

Listening is a complex ability, involving the coordination of multiple cognitive processes. As such, listening is not a single, isolated skill, but rather a complex of psychological processes that can be isolated and developed.

This means that there are a number of practices that will help someone listen better. The key is to find the practices that give you “the most bang for the buck.”

The key distinction to be made is which “domain” of listening you wish to emphasize: comprehension, interpretation, or response (Wang & Dahler, 2017; Rost, 2016; Calkins, Ehrenworth & Lehman, 2012). These three processes – comprehending, interpreting, and responding – can be seen as representing the essential domains of listening: objective, subjective, and interactive (See Figure 1). 

, Defining the three domains of listening, Lateral Communications
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April 9, 2021

Hello Prof? I am maria from Indonesia. now, I am taking PHd program at Universitas Negeri Padang. I have read some books and articles you wrote. I am interested to do my research dissertation on listening. If you don’t mind, may I ask and discuss about this. I am so sorry, i am beginner for knowing about listening but I do interested about it. Thank You:)

November 16, 2021

Sure let me know when you’d like to discuss

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