When you listen to a presentation  (like a TED Talk) or a lecture (like in a classroom), become an active listener.

Take notes! WHY? Because taking notes helps you focus and reviewing notes helps you remember.

Here are 5 techniques for taking notes:

  1. Outline Method

The Outline Note-Taking Method utilizes indents.

Main points
Related thoughts or facts or details

  1. Cornell Method

In this note-taking method:

  • Keywords (for Main topics) are listed on the left
  • Main notes about the keywords are listed on the right
  • Summary of everything you learned is added to the bottom – but this can be done later when you review.
  1.  The Boxing Method

In this note-taking method, group related topics together in a box. When there is a new topic, a new box is created. Tip:  Write each box in a different color.

This method makes for easy review!

  1. The Mapping Method

Start in the middle, make a map.

Show relationships.

  1. The Visual Method

Draw images to show concepts. This makes the content easier to recall and think about later.

So those are five ways to take notes.  Try them out.  Find which one – or which combination – works best for you.  If you feel active, and if it helps you remember, it’s working!  Keep it up!!