I don't get it

pissed off

Gaze direction (5 positions): unmarked, or  down, to the right or left of listener, directly

at the listener, switching gaze from face to face of multiple listeners, moving gaze out of frame, other.


Body position

Distance reduction : unmarked, or touching listener, (touching objects), moving

toward listener (distance reduction)

Arms position (openness orientation):  open arms, arms crossed, body upright

Body attention attention position:  body relaxed, body limp (inattention position), leaning

forward, neck or arms tense;



Body emphasizers (6 indicators):  pointing/jabbing/slicing gesture, hands

thrown up, arms open and down, moving head up and down, moving head

back and forth, rude gesture; other movement of body


I'm going to get revenge

Facial gesture (12 affective states): unmarked, or smile, empathetic expression, head nod,

frown, sneer, fearful expression, cry , smirk, shock, angry expression ,

disgust, glare, other



Miming (unlimited):  physically enacting a lexical item, interaction, reaction, emotional state for theatrical effect


Please analyze the following acts of non-verbal communication for:  facial affective indicators, body emphasizers, listener orientation, gaze direction (click on image to see motion):

I don't care

i can't believe it


give me a break


going to throw up

plan ruined


I was like what