Here’s a short oral presentation on …introversion vs. extroversion, using the RSA Approach of including hyper-speed doodly notes to accompany the presentation.  Watch:  why is this approach effective (or not)?




Is it the voice? the pacing?  the enhancement of the graphics?  the way the graphics ‘simplify’ the concepts?  some combination?  Or do you just find it annoying, and you’d prefer to simply read the text or hear the audio without the visual distraction?

The answer, if there is one, involves dual processing (Paivio et al, from the 1980s). When multiple channels (verbal, mathematical, audio, musical, visual, kinesthetic) work in harmony, learning is amplified.  When they do not (for example, if the images conflict with the verbal), learning is impeded.  When there is only one channel, learning is relatively “normal”, and is enhanced only by what the learner brings to the table in terms of background knowledge, imagination, inference, memory, motivation.