I have frequently been asked to give a basic presentation to teachers on the teaching of listening. For this kind of presentation, I do “go back to basics” and think of the top ten pieces of advice I could give to a teacher, to be sure they’re including the fundamental ways that learners acquire listening ability.

Here’s that list:

(1) Classroom talk and classroom management in English (the target language),
(2) Use of audio and video recordings,
(3) Exposure to range of authentic input,
(4) Setting up tasks and reasons for listening,
(5) Remedial listening to analyze “what went wrong,”
(6) Introduction of listening for pleasure,
(7) Direct teaching of listening strategies,
(8) Organization of self-access listening opportunities,
(9) Use of 2-way information and opinion gap listening,
(10) Use of regular listening quizzes.

I’ve refined this list to some extent over the years, and the demonstrations and examples have changed, but the list is still valid!