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Research Key Questions

We plan and carry out detailed research to
answer key questions about learning design

Develop Multimedia Learning Programs

We consider all combinations of interaction, media, games, text, online resources, testing

Create Interactive Online Courses

All learning now involves some online aspect. We help identify the right blend of online and personal contact learning.

Teacher Training

We help teachers develop new insights and frameworks for a collaborative and enjoyable teaching experience.

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About Us

Over 30 years in educational research and publishing, we bring an understanding of educational media from multiple, international perspectives.

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Michael Rost

My educational career began in the Peace Corps in West Africa, where I became excited about the richness of intercultural communication and the importance of language learning in the world. My desire to create quality language learning experiences has been continually growing since that period, and has led me to explore language acquisition and teaching from both academic and business perspectives. I embrace the role of new technologies and appreciate the value of collaboration with professionals in different realms. I pride myself on creating networks of individuals who can come together to create innovative, effective learning products and services.


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After I present my ideas about experiential listening (see the post by this name), I...
© 2022 Michael Rost I have talked often about the role of engagement in successful...
I became interested in the role of listening in language learning early in my career....
Concept: The Affective Filter Hypothesis is refers to the role of affect – the experience of...
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Concept:   Difficulty is essentially a subjective concept: what makes any input relatively easy or difficult is...

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